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Research Profile

  • Biomimetic Catalysis-Molecular Catalysis:

Hydrocarbon oxidation: Mn-complexes, Fe-complexes, Mn-, Fe-porphyrins, mechanistic studies. Phenol-catechol oxidation: Cu-complexes, mechanistic studies. Catalytic decomposition of chlorophenols & dyes: Fe-, Mn-porphyrins, mechanistic studies.

  • H2-production & CO2 reduction: Formic acid decomposition, production of small organics from CO2 reduction by molecular catalysts, nanoparticles. 

Hydrogen production1

USRIntroducing new concept in hydrogen production form formic acid, Use-Store-Reuse (U.S.R.)


Controlled Photoplasmonic Enhancement of H2 Production via Formic Acid Dehydrogenation by a Molecular Fe Catalyst

  • Hybrid organic-inorganic materials–Development of Composite Materials:

Chemical Surface Modification of Silica, Metal Oxides, Carbon-based Materials, Nano-Particles. Hybrid Materials. Sol-gel Materials. Heterogeneous Oxidation Catalysts.  Heterogenoeus catalysts for dehydrogenations & CO2 reduction. Bio-active Hybrid Materials.Inorganic Catalytic Technology.

  • Chemical Biomimetics:

Metal Ions in Biological Systems, Models of Thiamine Enzymes, Cytochromes P-450, Models of Mn- and Fe-non-Heme Enzymes, Biomimetics of Cu-enzymes.